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The txtSchedules platform integrates all the components necessary for successful in-store product demos. Each participant in the demo scheduling, management, and execution process uses a txtSchedules technology to perform their part of the process. txtSchedules includes desktop and mobile applications that make it easy for everyone to communicate effectively throughout the entire process.

Grocery Store Demos


Demo marketing companies, distributors, and grocery store managers use the Grocery Store Demos website and Mobile App to schedule, manage, and track in-store product demos.

Beverage Demos


Liquor Brands, distributors, and demo marketing companies uses the Beverage Demos website and Mobile App to schedule, manage, and track product demos.

Brand Ambassador Network


Brand Ambassadors use the Brand Ambassador Network website and Mobile App to find and schedule demos, clock in and out of events, perform surveys, and report results.

Document Ledger


Brand Ambassadors and Demo Managers use Document Ledger to manage and share documents, and ensure compliance with documentation requirements.

Demo Calendars


The public uses the Demo Calendars Mobile App to find upcoming demos for products they are interest in.

Demo Surveys


The Demo Surveys Mobile App lets brand ambassadors survey customers and lets the general public enter surveys related to product demos.

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Use txtSchedules to manage your national and regional demo campaigns, communicate with demo marketing companies, and receive feedback and track results!

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